Input-Output - State and National Analysis Program

National Economy

Annual IO tables from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) for years spanning 1997 through the most recent year, currently 2016, can be selected.  As an additional service, we can provide users with detailed sector 2007 U.S. Benchmark Accounts for use within IO-Snap.  Contact us for additional information.

Make (Supply) and Use tables contain a wealth of data in their original formats.  Production functions, output distributions, final demand activity, and employment and compensation by industry data are easily accessed and extracted for use in other applications.


Annual employment, compensation, and other value added data by industry for 50 states and DC provided.

Create Industry by Industry, Industry by Commodity, Commodity by Commodity direct and total requirements tables.  All tables correctly account for Scrap, second-hand, and used goods production.

Multi-State Aggregations

Data for two or more states can be aggregated to create multi-state regional data and models.  Default configurations for BEA, Census, and other common regions provided.

Impacts Assessments

Enter final demand changes and generate output, employment, and income impacts assessments.  Final demand shocks in industry or commodity space can drive the analyses, which can be based on open or closed inverse solutions. Final demand change vectors can optionally be subjected to regional supply-percentage adjustments and conversions from purchaser to producer prices.

Requirements Tables

Create Industry by Industry, Industry by Commodity, and Commodity by Commodity direct and total requirements tables.  All tables correctly account for Scrap, second-hand, and used goods production.

Data Editing

Users can modify Use table columns (including final demand distributions) and Make (Supply) table rows.  Consistency checks ensure compatibility between the modified tables.

Multiplier Analysis

Generate aggregate and disaggregated output, employment, and income multipliers.

Detailed Accounts for Benchmark Years

COMING SOON! BEA national benchmark accounts and BLS accounts will be available for most recently published years.

Sub-State Modeling

Users can load and then modify state-level data to generate IO data and models for custom regions.

Spreadsheet Support

In addition to copy and paste functions, our next update will include support for import and export of entire commodity-by-industry accounts.



IO-Snap Goal

IO-Snap software was developed at West Virginia University to facilitate the use of input-output data from U.S. national supply and use tables.  In the process of assembling the various utilities that support national and state-level input-output analysis and IO for user defined regions, we also have created a user-friendly environment that facilitates inter-state comparisons of regional economic variables such as employment and compensation. 


IO-Snap download

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